Take A Close Look On The Opiate Withdrawal Symptoms

The term opiate can be associated with the narcotic opioid alkaloids named opium which is an extract from the unripe seed of the opium poppy, natural and semi-synthetic derivatives of morphine. These natural derivatives do not affect our central nervous system that other semi-synthetic opioids such as heroin, oxycodone, and hydrocodone do. About 9 percent of the population is considered to exploit opiates over the course of their lifetime, including illicit drugs like heroin and prescribed analgesics such as Oxycontin. They, in most cases are charged of using those drugs or medications unnecessarily at a greater amount over time. The prolonged habit of taking those drugs increase tolerance level and progressively it takes into grasp the peripheral and central nervous system making the body and mind dependent on it.

The physical and mental condition of the addict deteriorates when he tries to shun the habit. Then, to avoid the severe byproducts of discontinuation, the patient relapses and relies on the drug. When the use of drugs is terminated, the body needs time to recover to its previous healthy state. The symptoms arises this time, is widely known as withdrawal symptoms. Withdrawal can sound well and soothing for example Vitamin C for opiate withdrawal, but really it is not because it is a long and strenuous process which can cause permanent damage to your heart, lungs and brain. For patients, who are very weak and prone to compromise, are subject to special care and if not provided, withdrawal can steer to death.


The time line of various opiate withdrawal syndromes is elaborated to let you know the affectations of drugs. After an hour of alienation, diarrhea and feeling of lethargy come to the fore. Then the patient suffers from extreme sweating along with fatigue and loss of appetite. After some 20 hours the addict feels acute pain all over the body. After the problem of diarrhea gone because of no food intake, the patient explores excessive overflow of emotions and gets into utmost depression. These are the probable side effects of opiate withdrawal. Other complications can take place due to drug overdose after the detox period. At the post treatment period, the patient’s tolerance to drugs is reduced and then if one takes a small dosage of those drugs; it can prove to be quite dangerous which also can challenge life.

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