The Bonfire Band


‘Easy-flowing harmonies and melodies swim along like early Jayhawks, the lyrics smiling in the face of life and love’s travails. Why noone has snapped up the North London trio is a deep mystery.’

- Andy Fyfe, Q Magazine

‘The Bonfire Band are one of those bands that are just about to explode on the scene. They have a tremendous variety of song and their harmonies can make your spine tingle.’

- Bruce Macgregor, BBC Radio Scotland

‘…one of those rare acts that, rather than seek fame and fortune by any means necessary, are content to achieve simply on the back of good songs and hard work…..the unadorned, strictly English-and-so-what vocal delivery sets them apart from the crowd and only adds to their charm…’

- Gerry Ranson, Rock n Reel Magazine
‘…a mix of edgy blues and folk, which moves between being intensely captivating and rhythmically pleasing. The musicians are tuned into each other to a degree that allows real ensemble playing…’

- Bryony Hegarty, N16 Magazine


What the bookers say;


‘Booking acts for a festival is a bit like a juggling act with performers having to fit in with all the plans that go into making a festival work. The Bonfire Band made the booking process totally stress free, and their performances at the festival were equally as professional.’

- Mark Bazeley, Dartmoor Folk Festival

‘Whether it be in the woods at the annual Insider festival, a rammy in the pub or my front room, they bring an infectious charm to each gig. Easy and professional to a tee and always a welcome addition to any line up.’

- Polly Dean, Insider Festival